Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh, The Places You'll Go

It began one fine day with a card in the mail
A big celebration! Fun will prevail!
For a sweet little boy with a smile like the sun
Is having a party...because he's now one!

His beautiful mother had planned all month long
For this festive occasion...right down to the songs!
All the right decorations, in beautiful hues
And oodles of photos...for this was big news!

We ate lunch in the sunshine and chatted away
Then the time came for cake and we gathered to say
"Happy Birthday, Dear Jordan!"... our voices in song
And captured in please sing along!

Then the time had arrived for his first taste of cake
But the sweet little boy...not one bite did he make!
All the people and cameras were just too much to take!

But it ended with smiles for all who looked on
For Jordan's too happy to stay crying long!

With Mommy and Daddy beside him, he posed
For his first birthday portrait..we need one of those!

And so now it's official, we're all in the know
Jordan is one and continues to grow!
But the story keeps going each day, and I'm so
So excited to see all the places he'll go!

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