Monday, September 1, 2008

Ready for Takeoff

This is the view from my world 50% of the time. By choice or not, I spent lots of time in airplanes, listening to music on my iPod, staring absently at a locked tray table and doing my best to fight for elbow room without unnecessarily touching the person sitting next to me. This gives me lots of time to think. And much of what has occupied my thoughts lately revolves around making changes in my life.

Not that my life is bad. I actually enjoy most of it, aside from having to actually work for a living. But like a closet full of clothes, life needs reorganizing from time to time. The old clothes that are out of style, ill-fitting, or just plain worn out have to go to make room for fresh, new things. Just like in fashion, life requires you go out on a limb sometimes, take a chance, and maybe, just maybe something fabulous happens!

In my ongoing quest to keep my life in style, I decided it was time to push my own envelope, try something new. I already conquered Facebook (something I said I'd never do...), so why not a blog? In fairness, the real credit for this idea goes to my friend Tanya. She encourages my adventurous and often zany ways, and in return I share my photos and stories with her. Mostly the stories, because up until I embraced the power and convenience of digital imaging, my photos resided only in very heavy scrapbooks that require an extra set of luggage to haul around and show off to people. Not very efficient! This summer I took a three week Mediterranean cruise and sent out mass emails to let friends and family know where I was, what I was doing, etc. Better, but also not the easiest thing, given some people I know change their email address as often as their socks. And so the idea of a blog was formed.

The interesting thing about blogging is it requires a certain amount of arrogance to believe that other people actually care about what you're thinking, feeling, and experiencing. But I guess both the narcissistic and hedonistic aspects of my personality make me think people do (or at least should) care, so I'm jumping into the digital pool. Hell, I'm even giving you a self portrait of me as I'm writing this....

If you choose to follow my life, be prepared for lots of photos, frequent rants and raves about hockey, more John Mayer information than you can stand, and my opinion about everything. Because I always have one, and I'm never afraid to tell people what I think. Love it or hate, that's me.

So in preparation for takeoff, make sure your seatbelts are fastened and your tray tables are in an upright and locked position. Turn off all electronic devices. And thanks for flying with me...


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! It's about time! I love our phone calls and facebook comments to help keep up, but this is the best, you are such a good writer and I love "reading" your thoughts as much as "hearing" them.
    Plus, when Addie is old enough we will follow your adventures this way, so you have to keep on blogging my friend!
    All of us miss you!!! Kisses from Addie and the pooches and hugs from Jerry and me!!!

  2. Do your thing, Meg!!!

    I'm doing the more apologies for being fabulous, funny, scared, joyful, pissed off, or all of the above.

    Stay Inspired...Staci