Friday, November 6, 2009

Flat Stanley's New Clothes

Yesterday was very busy with Michelle's arrival and the Penguins game, and Stanley was quite tired from his journey through the mail, so he went to bed early and missed the game. But today was a new day, and Stanley was ready to head out and see Los Angeles.

The first order of business for the day was lunch....

...and then it was time to design Stanley some clothes. Luckily we had plenty of supplies, because custom-designed clothes are so much more fun than just going to the mall.

Since he's is Los Angeles, and this is a pretty casual place, we had a lot of options for Stanley. In the spirit of the weekend, I decided to make Stanley a Kings fan. Now he fits in just perfectly!

Michelle was hard at work designing a complete wardrobe for our OTHER guest of the weekend. That's right, Michelle has a Stanley too! What a wonderful coincidence! Michelle's Stanley was able to keep my Stanley company during his cross-country journey from Rhode Island, and then Stanley #2 will go home with Michelle to New York City and see what it's like there! What fun!

Since Stanley #1 is all about LA, Stanley #2 decided to show his love for NYC with a logo t-shirt and some very stylish jeans. Looks like they're gonna be great friends!

Life is already an adventure, and all we did was get dressed!

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