Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Faith, Magic and Memories - Because It's The Cup

There are times in your life when everything falls into place so perfectly, it's as if fate, destiny and even God have a hand in the process. 

April 11 through June 11, 2012 is a period of magic memories, frozen in my mind as firmly as the ice my beloved Los Angeles Kings skated on en route to their first Stanley Cup Championship in 45 years.  Twenty games. Sixteen wins. Me sitting in Section 116, Row 11, seat 3 for every single game played at home. Watching with tears in my eyes as my team celebrated an achievement only a select few can ever claim. And later, touching the unique piece of sports history that now carries their names forever.

There was a lot going on in my personal life before that 60 day period of magic began. I was starting the most important project of my career at work, which involved me traveling out of town. My significant other and I were trying to figure out how to overcome 2,800 miles of distance and bring our lives closer together. So many things threatened my ability to follow every game, most importantly the ones I could attend in person.

The one thing I remember most distinctly was my conscious decision to put everything in the hands of fate and accept whatever happened. There was no point in worrying about things I couldn't control, so I'd simply roll with the punches and have FAITH it would all work out. Fate rewarded me with a work schedule that cooperated and memories that will last a lifetime.

Today, the Kings start a new journey to defend their championship. The road towards The Cup is already different this time. The NHL played a shortened schedule after a labor lock-out erased half the season. My significant other is now a permanent part of my life, we have a new seat location up in the rafters, and this time my work schedule caught up with me. I already know I'm missing the first two home games of the Kings first round schedule -- and I'm strangely at peace with that. Because I trust, just like last time, that everything will work out exactly the way it's destined to be. 

Go get that Cup back, boys! GO KINGS GO!

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