Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dermatology for Dummies: The Journey Continues

A year ago I made my first trip to the dermatologist to have a mole checked out that just didn't look right. I learned a had a very treatable basal cell carcinoma that cleared up in 30 days with a topical cream medicine. I also learned that 80% of skin cancer patients have another problem spot turn up within a year of their original diagnosis.

Today, I discovered I might be one of those 80%.

Compared to the last one, this one is TINY -- barely twice as big as the head of a pin. However, my doctor is concerned about the color so she'll cut out a little chunk and have a peek under the microscope while my stitches are healing. If I'm lucky, it will be nothing or can be treated quickly with the same kind of medication I used last time. If not, at least I caught it early.

Someone pass me more sunscreen....

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